samiro yunoki

Love at first sight.

Well, I discovered Samiro Yunoki's work through an exhibition I haven't seen. 
January 2015, I planned a trip to Paris with my kids and my lover, we would leave Lille the 9th. Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, we decided not to go... The exhibition "La danse des formes" in Musée Guimet was planned to be visited this weekend.

I tryed again to see his work last week, in the same place as he gave 72 pieces of art to the museum. Unfortunately, I couldn't see them either, because of a temporary exhibition this time. 

So, I buy books, and I dig the web to find any little piece he made.

Samiro Yunoki is a katazome dyeing master. He's been Keisuke Serizawa' apprentice during Mingei period, the new face of japanese folk art. He's very old now, 95 I guess. But his work is so fresh, so joyful. I'm so pleased with his research. The balance, the colours, it is really playful to my eyes ! 


les mains dans la terre

Brendan Huntley, I feel really close to his work actually as I make clay figures, I love the generosity and spontaneity of his work, his heads are like a window on the world. 




Les tapis boucherouites, tissés à partir de  textiles de récupération par des femmes issuent du milieu rural.
L'explosion de couleur de ces tableaux textiles donnent à ces joyaux de l'art populaire un statut d'oeuvre sincère.
Par ici pour un texte plus complet et de belles images par

Boucherouites carpets woven from textiles recovery by Berber women in rural areas. 
The explosion of color of the rugs give these textile treasures of folk art status of sincere work. Here for a more complete text and here for beautiful images

Ainsi que les tapis Beni Ouarain en laine blanche aux motifs archaïques noirs tissés par les tribus du Moyen Atlas. Des détails par ici

Beni Ouarain carpets, white wool ground and archaic black patterns woven by tribes of the Middle Atlas. Details here.


se masquer

Bertjan Pot


Milica Kolaric


 Milica Kolaric photographe serbe via



Un livre de Estelle Hanania, une documentation photographique du spectacle de Gisèle Vienne "Eternelle Idole"

Estelle Hanania book about Gisèle Vienne show "Eternelle Idole